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  • “95% of the practice has been by word of mouth versus advertising."
  • All dental cleanings and dental procedures are performed by Dr. Wall personally.  This is the ultimate in quality dentistry!


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White Tooth Colored Fillings offered by Dr. Keith Wall, DDS

Our office prefers and recommends bonded fillings (tooth colored) in most cases where tooth structure and strength is not compromised.  These resin fillings match teeth so patients look cavity free.

The procedure of restoring a tooth with a resin filling is similar to the traditional silver fillings.  First the decay is removed and the tooth is prepared to receive the tooth colored composite.  The composite material is layered into the cavity preparation and hardened with a curing light.  The bite is checked and the filling is polished.  Tooth colored resin fillings blend well with the surrounding teeth and enhance a bright and youthful smile.


FAQ’s About Tooth Colored Fillings:

What are tooth colored fillings made of?

Tooth colored/white fillings are made of a light cured resin.  In other words the filling is initially a soft putty-like resin that gets hardened in the mouth with a blue (curing) light.

Do tooth colored fillings last as long as silver fillings?

Some tooth colored fillings if performed properly may last as long as silver fillings.  The compression and bonding strength of resin materials has dramatically improved over the years thereby increasing their life span. 

Should I change all my silver fillings to tooth colored fillings?

Unless there is a cavity or cracks in old silver amalgam fillings, it is not usually recommended to change all the silver fillings to tooth colored fillings.  The actual drilling process to remove silver fillings may be irritating to the tooth.  So, unless it’s necessary, it is not advisable to undergo unnecessary dental treatment. 


Dr. Keith Wall's Smile Makeovers (Teeth Whitening)


For patients wanting a whiter, younger looking smile, we offer teeth whitening.  Various techniques are available.  The doctor will do a consult to evaluate the best whitening system to fit your case.



FAQ's about Teeth Whitening:

Can I get the same results with the over the counter products?

Most of the whitening products (such as the strips) on the market will either take much longer (3 weeks) to obtain less/similar results and some products such as the whitening toothpastes or gels are just not effective.  A lot of the whitening toothpastes are very abrasive and are meant to just get rid of surface stains and not to actually bleach the teeth.

Whitening toothpaste may have a tendency to cause teeth sensitivity when used long term. Therefore, having a professional conduct teeth whitening is preferred.